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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page


Each item is rented Thursday though Monday. You receive the items the Thursday before your wedding and return them the Monday after your wedding.

If the items are not returned on the Monday after your wedding you will be charged a $50 per day late fee. If is vital that we get the flowers back for the next bride. 

**** Exceptions can be made if arranged BEFORE your wedding*****

We will ship the items right to your doorstep! You just give us your address and stunning flowers show up! If you live in the Boise area you can also opt for cheaper "Local" delivery. These will be dropped on your doorstep and also picked up from your doorstep by a local delivery driver. 

Yes! Mix and match ANY items that you would like! 

Yes, You must rent at least $150 in items before tax and delivery. 

If any item is lost or majorly damaged we will charge you to fix it or replace it and a $20 service fee. No big deal! Things happen! We just want to be able to fix it for the next person.

We expect some regular wear and tear. You will only be charged if the item is severly damaged


We are not creating custom collections at this time. We love the idea that the same bride can keep reusing our bouquets to make memories! No waste for the environment and a whole bunch of money saved by brides everywhere! 

Sometimes exact shades of colors are very hard to portray through the internet. For example,We cannot guarantee that the shade of blue used in the Big Sky Collection is the exact same shade of sky blue that your bridesmaids dresses are. We can promise you though that our flowers are going to look amazing and by using a "premade" product you are going to save a boat load of money! If you need something super specific we recommend that you use a talent local florist in your area! 

No, You can rent whatever items you would like. You must meet our $150 minimum but that is our only requirement

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